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Empire Guild Website

Welcome to the webpage of the Empire guild. Here you will find news of the website and you can also search and have fun with the other accessories that guildportal provides.

New members are always welcome, don't forget that everyone can invite their friends to the guild.

For The Empire,
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Once again here

thedx4, Aug 31, 15 2:32 PM.
I once again decided to get back into WoW, this time I hope I'll stay active longer. It'll take some time to get things going since there are many new updates and I'll have to learn some things from the start.

I'm raising my characters and I'll soon be able to do raids and stuff. The guild is back!

For The Empire,

Back for more

thedx4, Feb 18, 14 6:07 PM.
So, I decided to start WoW again. It seems the guild is somehow where I left it. Leveling seems easier now, dunno, it's maybe because I have so long to play.

Anyway, the guild is running smoothly again. One think that made me wonder is the waiting time for dungeons. I though it would be much less than 14 minutes. I imagine that it's going to be hard to do guild dungeons now. What really amazed me is that there are still some people active there. I surely didn't expect that.

I'm focusing on getting max level so I can do some raids. I wonder how tough the raid boses will be though. I can see even from now the massive wipes.

For The Empire,

Free repairs

thedx4, May 15, 12 1:41 PM.
Free repairs are now available.
As the main source of money is me the limit gold per day is the following.

Initiate - 1
Members - 2
Veteran - 5
Officer - 10 - can withdraw that amount from the bank, think of it as a bonus

As we gain more members and we get Cash Flow I'll increase the limit.

For The Empire,

Just created

thedx4, May 7, 12 8:59 AM.
The webpage of the guild "Empire" was just created. If you are already a member of the guild you can click on the "Join Empire" button and I (or any other available officer) will accept you and you'll have full access to this website.

If you wish to join the guild, send an ingame message to DxJohn or talk to any online member of the guild since anyone can invite.

I hope you'll have a great time here.

For The Empire,
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